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Bartholin’s Cyst

A small fluid-filled sac which can be found in Bartholin's gland in the vulva.


The Bartholin’s glands are small glands located on either side of the vagina.


They secrete fluid which helps to lubricate the vagina during sex.

A  cyst forms when the small tubes (ducts) which carry the fluid to the vagina become blocked.


Bartholin’s cyst can cause the following symptoms:

  • Soft lump in the genital area

  • Pain in the genital area

If the Bartholin’s cyst becomes infected, the area may become red, swollen, painful and warm and it can also produce pus.


If you notice a lump in the genital area, you should see your GP.

They will take a history and do an examination of the genital area.

If the Bartholin’s cyst or the Bartholin’s gland is infected, the doctor will take a swab of the area.


Your doctor can recommend methods to manage the symptoms of the Bartholin’s cyst such as applying a warm compress to the area and medication pain relief.

If the Bartholin’s cyst is painful or becomes large or infected the cyst can be drained by a gynaecologist.

Bartholin's cysts may return again after treatment.

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